MICHEL SANTI, started his career as a foreign exchange trader in 1986 and became head of forex trading desks for several major banks in Switzerland.

In 1993, he co-founded his own wealth management company in Geneva, Switzerland, and created several hedge funds, while teaching economics as a university professor. He has served as an advisor to various central banks and sovereign funds in emerging countries.

Moreover, he is the author of several books on macroeconomics and the financial industry and writes weekly columns for daily financial newspapers in Switzerland, France and Lebanon.

Since 2007, he has contributed to his own blog, www.michelsanti.fr. This economic and financial website is one of the most widely viewed and read in Switzerland and France.

Michel started his own fine art collection in 2007. It focuses mainly on impressionist and surrealist art. This passion and experience led him to create Art Trading and Finance in 2015. The company is incorporated in Geneva, Switzerland.

With Y3M, Michel Santi has chosen to dedicate his competence and his wide network at the service of families in need of professional and personalized advices in a challenging world.